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The Story of Yonatan González

Yonatan Gonzalez Coffee Grower
Yonatan Gonzalez

I was born among the coffee plantations of a farm that belonged to my father in Santa María, Huila. But I came to know the world of specialty coffees at a fair in Medellin. And that world started to interest me seriously in 2014. I began working on specialty coffees on the farm with my father. He passed away four years ago, and it was just then that we exported our first container.

The special thing about Santa María is its volcanic soils. That gives a unique touch to the coffee. Spectacular; floral. How else could you find a combination of flavors between peach and caramel?

Santa María began to feel small. In Huila, there are between eighty thousand and ninety thousand families involved in coffee cultivation, with an average land size of two hectares per family, pretty small. Unfortunately, these farmers lack the necessary infrastructure to efficiently process and export their coffee, preventing them from showcasing its quality. This is where we stepped in as coffee facilitators. Our goal was to bridge the gap between the supply, represented by the small coffee growers who struggle to reach customers due to cost and demand limitations. We decided to focus on narrowing the market, ensuring that the business would thrive and bring benefits to the small coffee growers, while continuously improving the quality of each harvest.

From Algeciras, for example, a town greatly affected by the guerrilla, we managed to extract a bean that has become an instrument for improving society. A coffee of peace with bright acidity and silky body. In Algeciras, near San Juanito, we can find notes of tangerine, ginger, and raw sugar cane. On the other hand, in Acevedo, the second largest coffee-producing municipality in the country after Pitalito, as we walk through the Serrania, the coffee plantations give way to an intense coffee with notes that evoke sensations of purple: plum and maybe raspberry.

That's the story. To experience a coffee that evokes a variety of sensations, produces vivid images and colors, and invites exploration of each sensory taste. It allows you to discover yourself. Meanwhile, on the farms, alongside the coffee growers, we continue to work towards expanding possibilities, developing each coffee bean, and creating, because, ultimately, this becomes an art. You, in your home, can experience it through your senses and discover a whole new world, a different image, and a fresh cup of coffee.

Author: Carlos Ospina Marulanda

Translation: Ana Gómez

Photos: Yonatan González

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