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logo of Eat Coffee, the brand that produces edible coffee

We have been working in the specialty coffee industry for a while. With the belief of transforming the Colombian coffee industry into a more sustainable and fair one, we decided to take the next step: social and environmental innovation. We wanted to seize the waste of coffee production to create new products that would help us give customers more value, improve our brand, and increase our impact on the coffee farms, but also disrupt the Colombian market and traditional habits.

Eat Coffee booster, buy a box of 24 coffee bars of eat coffee

Our Values



We like to be aware of our surroundings to ensure the well-being of all stakeholders and the environment. We acknowledge our impact on everybody and try our best to transform the world into a better and fair one.



We aim to see ideas from all angles to innovate with purpose and respect. We enjoy reframing concepts and processes to design new and better products and services, seeking to add value to our customers, team, and allies.



We promote creativity within our team and everybody's intellectual interests, hobbies, and passions. We believe bringing our experiences in other fields to the brand will open our minds to new knowledge and understandings. It is how we innovate.



We love and enjoy what we do. Our workspace always has music, laughter, and friendship. We just want to have fun.

Edible coffee bars made with 100% of the coffee cherry, they are organic and a natural source of energy

The benefits of eat coffee

The coffee bar boosts your day and improves your performance. This Snack is made with natural and organic ingredients that seize the coffee cherry and beans to give you a fruity and nutty flavor and a healthy boost of caffeine. It is an effortless and on-the-go snack committed to direct and fair trade, and circular economic principles.

The coffee bar is made with 100% natural and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Natural Snack

It is 100% Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher. Just perfect for your diet preferences.

Healthy Snack

Antioxidants are beneficial to your health by reducing the risk of many diseases.


Each snack contains enough caffeine to help you boost your day and focus your mind

Energy Source

This product is 100% organic. We are working with coffee and cocoa producers to ensure best practices.

100% Organic

Give yourself a treat that will positively impact the life of producers and reduce the emissions of CO2.

Live with purpose

We strongly believe in the possibility of developing profitable businesses while generating a positive impact on society and the environment

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